New girls Winter League will start from September 2018 run for age groups U7 up to U10 based on 2018/2019 age group bands

 This will be played either at central venue age groups U7 up to U10  on Saturday with Kick off ranging from 9.30am until 12pm

or we will consider letting teams play home and away where they wish to do so

for age groups U11 to U16 this can be on a Home and Away basis

 The age groups we have proposed to play as follows :-

U7 / U8 will play 5 v 5
U9 / U10 will play 7 v 7
U11's / U12's will play 9 v 9
U13 - U16 will play 11 v 11

Please fill in web entry form on link below or email us for more details or your interested

If your looking for a Girls Sunday League for age Groups U11 upwards then please look at our other league for this as this is on a Home and Away Basis and their forms can be filled in here