Current League Fees are :-

£75 FOR ENTRY INTO KYPC SUMMER LEAGUE to be paid by 1st June. Team in the older age groups who choose to play home and away pay half league fees ie £37.50

Entry to the league is open until the 31st May

Fees to be set FOR ENTRY INTO KYPC WINTER LEAGUE SEASON 2018 to be paid by 31st August 2018 and entry to the league is open now for teams to play at Central Venues

Saturday Girls League 2018 (Played Home and Away BASIS) Introductory offer of £40 per team, for teams signing up by the 30 June 2018  otherwise £50.00

Useful  Information for KYPC Central Venue for SATURDAY/SUNDAY League Information :-

Phone 08715594557 to check games are on during bad weather

The Number should be called after 8am on a Saturday/Sunday or 5pm for Midweek to check if the games are being played and please listen to message carefully and ensure all parents are aware of the number to check.

Read more at¬iceID=877002646&league=9338405#h0PxLBCx7UyStlRc.99

Can we remind ALL teams playing at KYPC on a Saturday they must follow these instructions to help with the smooth running of the Matchdays.

1) Each Team must fill in team sheet and complete the list of the players that played in the games and put down the score of the match
These sheets are found next to the office in the Clubhouse and must be left completed back into the trays before you leave.

2) Where teams have to put up goals all the White Socketed Goals and net bags are found by the compound. The Portable Goals with back bars and blue net boxes are found in the bottom corridor of the clubhouse.

3) When it says take down your goals and respect barrier(1st named team takes in respect barrier) you MUST return the equipment back to the Compound. The goals should be stored back correctly and the net bags WITH THE PEGS in and respect barriers should be left outside the compound. PORTABLE Mini Soccer Goals are returned to the bottom Corridor in the Clubhouse along with both nets , anchors in the blue boxes.

4) The normal one game a week times are 20 mins e/w for U7/U8 and 25 mins e/w for U9/U10

5) All Rubbish should be put in the bins provided when leaving the pitches.

6) Remember to always check the notice board for the games to be played on which pitches in case of any changes.